84 thoughts on “Fated

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  5. I have to say this is pretty much one of my favorite comics ever. So great to see table-top gaming portrayed as it really is: fun with friends, open to diversity, and mostly the cause of ridiculous(ly hilarious!) happenings. Thanks for the laughs – and the heartwarming fuzzies!

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  7. A few years ago, I had to tell a player, “Ok, make your Impregnate Sheep roll”. The bizarre thing was that it was totally appropriate for the context.


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  9. Reblogged this on impracticaldemon and commented:
    OK. This isn’t anime or Hakuouki… But once a gamer always a gamer I suppose. The d20s make me laugh. Anyway, just read it, it’s funny. Honest. Even though you usually only watch cute anime and play awesome otome games.


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  11. Count me in on sharing this with the world as well. As a fellow writer, comic nerd, and art lover, I wish you both all the success in the world. You truly do deserve it for this.


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